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Popular Summer Woman Handbag

Popular Summer Woman Handbag

10 Jun 2018

As the soul that lives in modeling , the position of woman handbag in daily tie-in lifts heavy as light. While the hipsters are taking pictures of the streets with their lives, they have also planted a prairie for us. Every woman handbag is so beautiful that it makes us scream!

Five summer bags!

Trend 1: clasp frame

Another grandma single product killed back! Clasp frame set show lovely and elegant together. carry it as if to be able to pass through time and space, incarnate as the exquisite young lady who walks into the upper beach jewelry store to select jewelry.

The "squeaking" sound of the exclusive metal buckle is the most deafening signal!

The design of the bag puts all the focus on the golden retro buckle, which is more concise and elegant for daily straps.

The gold package represented by Celine clasp is compact and has the texture. The classic retro buckle protects your privacy. The seemingly flat bloke seems to be very hard and stuffy?

Trend 2: ring bags

The ring element has been hot season after season. Chloe was not to be mentioned for the ring's accomplishments on the bag. From faye to Jane to Nile to pixie, it feels like it's almost half the wardrobe of celebrity bloggers!

The ring design is light and light, and the delicate bag is suitable for the light and light spring and summer decoration.

And Chloe18 spring and summer again magnify recruit, new member Roy is arriving at the battlefield at the speed of light, big ticket tide star has already been on the back of a taste fresh, have fun!

Two bags vertical row and side by side of the Mosaic is 100 percent in the middle of this year bag stack back of the fashion heart!

With a lot of bells and whistles, the Roy bag has a variety of soft and cute expressions. The design of multiple bags combined with Bohemian dressing will be so beautiful as to crack!

Trend 3: camera bags

From Marc Jocobs's snap shot, there's been an explosion of interest in camera bags.

The shape of the camera bag is round in the square, soft and cute. Commuting, party and road pressing can be said to hold all occasions perfectly.

The Coach x Keith Haring bag comes in a fresh, natural color, a playful graffiti design and a spring/summer dress.

Trend 4: tote bags

Even if again infatuated with mini bag brings delicate and meticulous, you cannot deny also need a big bag to accompany oneself at the same time "go up knife mountain under fire sea"!

Yu performs Bottega Veneta Piazza handbag series, showing a demure and calm big woman temperament.

As women's power is frequently mentioned, the trend of big bags is returning in recent years. Especially in this season that often adds body with windbreaker, The girl that can wear can choose big bag to add bricks and tiles to The atmosphere, this Burberry The Belt is often called names recently.

The Tote Bag, as another handle in the world of big bags, can also be elegant and modern!

Dior18's spring/summer/spring/summer color print woven tote bag has a summery feel and has the capacity to cry and hold the whole world for you!

Trend 5: ice cream packs

Summer has come to buy a new bag, this year must start is the dream ice cream color bag! Valentino, Chloe and other brands have launched makalon color handbags one after another, while baifumei almost has one hand. No ice cream bag is really too white this summer!

The soft color of makalon is imperceptibly refreshing, in this lovely and lovely times, the new season bag has captured the hearts of young girls once it is out of the oven!

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